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with the continuing saga of the n.s.a. surveillance scandal. there are new reports of an internal audit leaked by edward snowden which finds the n.s.a. broke privacy rules when it gathered information. but the compliance agent says the violations were not willful or malicious. nancy pelosi calls the revelation extremely disturbing. >> eight babies are being held by their dads for the first time this weekend as members of connecticut's national guard return home from afghanistan. the 160 service members arrived home after a 10 month deployment. this is the second deployment for the connecticut national guard unit. >> many u.s. soldiers have difficulty making the transition from military to civilian life. now one group says it has an answer to make it easier. some are willing to give the old technique a new try. here's more. >> about 40 people came to a rented room in bethesda to talk about whether transcendental medication can help veterans and their families better cope with their life. it's a technique that's been popularized. some american veterans suffer later from post traumatic stress dis
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1